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Welcome To My VTC SBI HomePage ! I am Yip Sir (William)

IVE/SBI Past Papers on Intranet/ Web Access by VPN

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IVE/SBI Past Papers on Intranet/ Web Access by VPN
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Provided below is the website for searching IVE Past Exam Papers.

For searching the subject of "Business Economics / Elementary Marketing /Supply Chain and Logistics / Other Modules", you must first key in the keyword of "Business Economics / Elementary Marketing / Supply Chain and Logistics / Other Modules" inside the Option A section and then press the button of "Start Searching" at the lower bottom.

Through these procedures, you can get a whole list of past papers for Business Economics / Elementary Marketing /Other Modules from different campuses.

IVE Past Exam Paper Database

(Web Access by VPN: VPN Installation at home

You can scan through all the papers to test whether you are capable of and comfortable in handling them, especially for those at Higher Diploma level from Other Campuses (IVE).


Subject Module : Business Economics/Elementary Marketing/FYP