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Welcome To My VTC SBI HomePage ! I am Yip Sir (William)

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My Background & Contact Me

You are my


Yip WT, William (葉Sir, 威廉葉 ) {Lecturer, VTC SBI}
Vocational Training Council)


My Qualification Highlights


(1)  Doctor of Business Administration - Candidate (GSB, PolyU)(2006-  )
(2)  Master of Science (E-Commerce & Internet Computing)

(3)  Master of Business Administration (Edinburgh University, UK )(92-03)

(4)  Master of Arts in Quantitative Analysis for Business (CityU, HK )(94-96)
(5)  Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Buss&Accts (HKU)(00-01) 

(6)  Professional Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing) (HK Poly)(87-90)
(7)  Executive Dip in Supply Chain and Logistics Mgt  (APIB, CUHK)
(8)  Diploma in Marketing (DipM) (CIM)(90)

(9)  Full Member (MCIM) (CIM)(95)

(10) Chartered Marketer (CIM)(04) 
(11) Full Member (MHKIM) (HKIM)(94)

(12) Professional  Member (MHKLA)  (HKLA)(07)

(13) Fellow (RSS) (03)



(1)  工商管理學博士-候選人 (工商管理研究院, 香港理工大學) (2006-  )

(2)  電子商貿及互聯網工程理科碩士{電子商貿組} (香港大學) (04-06)

(3)  工商管理學碩士 (英國愛丁堡大學)(92-93)
(4)  工商數量分析文學碩士{學組} (香港城市大學)(94-96)

(5)  教師教育證{商業會計學}{商業學組} (香港大學)(00-01)
(6)  商業學專業文憑(市務學) (香港理工學院)(87-90)
(7)  供應鏈與物流管理深造文憑課程 (亞太工商研究所, 香港中文大學) (03-04)
(8)  市務學文憑 (英國特許市務學會) (90)
(9)  特許市務學會會員 (英國特許市務學會) (95)
(10) 特許市務員資格 (英國特許市務學會) (04)
(11) 港市務學會會員 (香港市務學會) (94)

(12) 物流協會專業會員 (香港物流協會) (07)
(13) 英國皇家統計學Fellow會員資格(英國皇家統計學會) (03)


My Primary and Secondary Schools : 

(1) Holy Word Primary School (Ngau Tau Kok Lower Estate) (P.1 - P.6)

(2) Delia Memorial School (Kwun Tong - Yueh Wah) (F.1 - F.3)

(3) CCC Mong Man Wai College (Kwun Tong) (F.4 - F.7)

Business Exposure : Marketing Experience in local Companies

(e.g. Swire Pacific Ltd - (Trading Division
- Swire Marketing Ltd (for KFC Restuarant) & Swire Loxley Ltd (for FMCG),
Lam Soon (HK) Ltd, Internationl Bank of Asia Ltd (now known as

Fubon Bank), Tsit Wing Coffee Co Ltd. and etc.)


Teaching Experience: Education-related or Post-Secondary Teaching Experience

(e.g. HK Examinations & Assessment Authority, VTC SBI,  IVE (TY), IVE (LWL) , University of Northumbria (UK) and OUHK)   


My VTC Affiliations:  
(1) Elected Representative of SBI Board (05-Present)
   (2) Elected Representative of Teaching & Learning SC Board (05-Present)

    (3) Elected Representative of Quality Assurance SC Board (06-Present)

(4)  VTC Teachers' Association - SBI Representative (07-Present)

(5) Change Agent of Quality Coordination Group -QCG (SBI) (07-09)


Other Affiliation:
(1) Elected VTC SBI Representative
of HK Professional Teachers' Union - HKPTU (05-Present)


Link to My Learning Portfolio/Chronicle (From 1987 - Present)
(Click Here)


Link to My Staff Development at VTC - Vocational Training Council 

(From 2002 - Present)(Click Here)



Hong Kong, China (Current Time):

Edinburgh, Scotland (Current Time) :

Alexandria, Egypt (Current Time) :

Bangkok, Thailand (Current Time) :

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Current Time):




Dear Students,


Welcome To School of Business and Information Systems under Vocational Training Council {工商資訊學院(職業訓練局) - VTC SBI}.


Hi, it is my 8th year (from 2002 onwards) that I teach at SBI. For this academic year (09-10), I am the module leaders for the modules of Supply Chain & Logistics (21909F/L4) and Economics (21909F/L2). Besides these, I am also a Class Tutor for 21909F/4G.


Under VTC (SHAPE), I am now a UNN (University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK) Academic Project  Supervisor for the top-up degree students in BA(Hons) in International Business Management (BAIBM) .


Under WMG School of Professional Development (VTC), I am also a Project Supervisor for the MSc student in Programme and Project Management from the University of Warwick (UK)


I strongly hope that all of you under my teaching and supervision can enjoy your campus life at SBI / University of Northumbria / University of Warwick and identify your SWOT through persistent whole-person development here.


I also welcome all of you to approach me if you have any problems/enquiries relating to the modules that I teach and give feedback to me.


For downloading all teaching materials, you can search at  our WebCT .


Other Useful Links:

VTC IVE/SBI SWS (Student Web-Based Services) System

VTC SBI SAO (Student Affairs Office)

VTC SHAPE (Top-Up Degree Programs)

VTC IVE/SBI Student Email
VTC Job Information System

VTC SBI Wireless LAN


(Please be reminded that you should activate your SBI  Student E-Mail Account before using WebCT).


In case of any enquiries or problems, please feel free to contact me at Ext 892 or Staff Room (Room 402, SBI Tsing Yi).


Every success in your academic pursuit!


Best regards,

Yip WT, William (College Lecturer) 
DBA Candidate (PolyU HK), MSc(Ecom&IComp) (HKU), MBA (Edinburgh), MAQAB (CityU HK), PCEd Buss and Accts (HKU); PDip Marketing (Poly HK), Executive Dip SCL (APIB CUHK), DipM, MCIM, Chartered Marketer (CIM), MHKIM (HKIM),  MHKLA (HKLA), Fellow (RSS).

(For details about my qualifications, please click into My Learning Portfolio)

Useful Links about My Modules and Current News


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SBI (TY)(Back Side)(Please Click)



My Belief
in Education / Life-long Learning


── 孔丘 (春秋時代思想家、教育家)


── 劉向 (西漢經學家、文學家)



(孔子)  - 教育生涯










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