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Welcome To My VTC SBI HomePage ! I am Yip Sir (William)

Useful Links for Final Year Project / Dissertation

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Useful Links for Business Economics
Useful Links for Business Management
Useful Links for Marketing (1-16)
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Useful Links for Final Year Project / Dissertation
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Useful Websites for


Final Year Project


For those students under my supervision this academic year, please log in your WEBCT Account for plentiful resources of FYP information.


     (1)      World Fact Book - Hong Kong

(2)      Hong Kong in Figures

(3)   HK Year Book

(4)   Quick MBA

(5)   Marketing Teachers

(6)   Tutor2U (Marketing Concepts)

(7)   Centipedia (Marketing Topics)

(8)   Tutor2U (Strategic Concepts)

(9)   Teaching & Learning Resources for E-Learning (VTC)

(10) Statnotes

(11) Statsoft (Electronic Textbook)

(12) HKLIS (Dissertations and Theses Collections of HK Universities from HKBU)

(13) HKALL (Libraries of HK Universities from HKU)

(14) HKLII (Law information from HKU)

(15) IDRC Books Online and In Print

(16) Factor Analysis

(17) SPSS Tutorial online

(18) Statistical Resources (Dr. Andy Field)


Information about Research Method


(1) Use of RGT (Repertery Grid Technique)

(2) WebGrid II (RGT) - Select English Version

(3) EnquireWith (RGT)

(4) Marketing Research

(5) What is Qualitative Research?

(6) Qualitative Research Techniques

(7) Stat/Math Center (Indiana University)

(8) Karl's Statistical Technique Website


(7) Research Triangulation

(8) Hermeneutics

(9) Grounded Theory -  thumbnail Sketch

(10) The Case Study - Case Study as Research Method

(11)  Data Analysis

- Analyzing Qualitative Data

- Analysis of Qualitative Data

- Qualitative Data Analysis Links

(12) Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) by Thomas Saaty - Expert Choice

(13) 12 Manage Management Communities

(14) Discovering Statistics Using SPSS for Windows (by Dr. Andy P. Field)


Harvard System - Reference Guide (from Anglia U, UK)


Planning an Empirical Studies


Survey Software online

(1) Free Online Surveys -

(2) Mapi Lab Easy Survey software -

(3) ObjectPlanet Opinio software -

(4) - HK Online Survey


(6) Mineful (online survey)


Research House


AIP Online Survey


Chinese Input Method

倉頡輸入法 Cang Jie  (HKIED)

Chinese Keyboard (Desktop or Mini)


Management Journal 


(1) Strategic Management Journal

(2) Academy of Management Journal

(3) Academy of Management Review

(4) Administrative Science Quarterly

(5) Organization Science

(6) American Journal of Sociology

(7) American Sociological Reivew

(8) Strategic Organization




(1) Pronounciation Dictionary