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Supply Chain and Logistics 





Assessment Methods


Continuous Assessment       (40%):

Final Examination                   (60%)


Lecture Outline







Chapter 1 

The Supply Chain Management Concept



Chapter 2 


Purchasing and Supply Management


Chapter 3 

Quality Customer Service and Integrated Logistics



Chapter 4 

Service Response Logistics



Chapter 5 

Location Decisions – Network Configuration



Chapter 6 

Production Decisions



Chapter 7 

Inventory Management



Chapter 8 

Inventory Management



Chapter 9 


Warehouse Management


Chapter 10 

Material Handling and Packaging



Chapter 11 

Domestic Transportation



Chapter 12 

Transportation Management



Chapter 13 




Chapter 14 

Supply Chain Relationships and Logistic Service Alliance



Chapter 15 

Information Issues in Integrated Logistics



Chapter 16 

Global Integrated Logistics



Chapter 17 

Organizing Integrated Logistics



Chapter 18 

Integrated Logistics Accounting



Chapter 19 

Future Challenge and Critical Issues in Supply Chain Management






Assignment: How to Write a Business Report?




Pearson Higher Education



David J. Bloomberg, Stephen LeMay, Joe B. Hanna, "Logistics ", Prientice-Hall, Latest Edition 


(To be confirmed during the class) 


Useful Link: Google Toolbar (文字翻譯器: 將英文網頁翻譯成繁體中文)

Journal of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (from IVE Shatin)



Chapter (1-4)

Websites (Examples for Marketing Concepts)

Chapter 1 -

The Supply Chain Management Concept

Chapter 1 – The Supply Chain Management Concept

Related Concepts


ABCs of Supply Chain Management (Supply Chain Management Research Center)
Porter's Value Chain (Net MBA)
Value Chain Analysis (Marketing Teacher) 
Strategy - Value Chain Analysis (Tutor2U)
Bullwhip Effect (Quick MBA)
Taming the Bullwhip Effect
Operations Management (B
y Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD)
EDI (Electronic Date Interchange)
JIT (Just-In-Time)Kanban and Lean Manufacturing
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP and Oracle) and CRM

Five Forces Model


Related Scholars


Adam Smith – Division of Labor
Howard T. Lewis – Purchasing
Frederick Taylor – Scientific Management (Henry Ford – Standardization)

Related Companies


Li & Fung Co Ltd. (Third Party Concept – a Global Logistics Company)

Kerry Logistics Ltd (Logistics Company)

Wellcome Supermarket (A Leading Retailer in Supply Chain – Controlling the Supply Chain) – Collaboration with Octopus for CRM venture

Park’N Shop Supermarket (A Leading Retailer in Supply Chain – Controlling the Supply Chain)

Café De Coral Company (A Leading Retailer in Supply Chain – Controlling the Supply Chain)

Amazon – (Its Associates), DHL and Federal Express (Core Business, Alliances and Outsourcing)

Hong Kong Post

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in Hong Kong

Intel (Leading CPU Company in Supply Chain) Versus IBM


Interesting Examples


Plasma TV – Philips and LCD TV – Philips (Adding Value with Reducing Cost)
Square Water Melon (Adding Value with Reducing Cost)
Sleeping Golden Fish – Waterless Transportation of Live Marine Fish
(Logistics Solution with Fish Transportation)

7-Eleven and Circle K (Small Size and More Frequent Transportation)

Giordano and Dell - MTO (Make to Order) (Postponement)

IKEA (Postponement)

BARCODE (or QR Code and its generator for membership) and RFID – (SCM Technology) – SG1 (or previously known as HKANA)

Use of Technology with Logistics for SMEs (by Hong Kong Productivity Council)



List of SCL concepts (from Centipedia)


Cross Docking


Metro Group - Future Store Initiative

RFID Technology (360 degree of View for future store)


Processing Movies - Use of RFID along the supply chain

Movie 1 - Production

Movie 2 - Transport

Movie 3 - Distribuiton Center

Movie 4 - Future Store


Or Sources:


By YouTube.


New Technology for Future Store

Metro Future Store

Future Store (2)

Future Store (Smart Fixture)

Future Store (Smart Future Card)

Future Store (Smart Check Out)

Future Store (Smart Info Terminal)

Future Store (Smart Dressing Room)

RFID - Technology Video






IBM RFID Checkout in Supermarket (You Tube)


UGS Corporate Video (Innovation along the Value Chain)(You Tube)


Logistics Companies


Kerry Logistics

BALtrans Logistics

TNT Express Worldwide

Crown Worldwide

DHL Worldwide


Federal Express


Chapter 2 Purchasing and Supply Management

Relevant Companies
- Wal Mart (Affiliate Program)
- Amazon  (Sell Your Stuff)
- Offfice Max (Affiliate Program)
- Wellcome Supermarket
- Li & Fung Co. Ltd (Sourcing)
- CGL Logistics (Logistic Services)


- PCH China Solutions (SCM Sourcing Solution for Clients in China)

JIT Purchasing



Chapter 3 - Quality Customer Service and Intergrated Logistics

CRM Company - Epsilon


Supply Chain and the Value Delivery Network


 The value delivery network is made up of company, suppliers, distributors and ultimately consumers who partner with each other to improve the performance of entire system.


New revolution in distribution : Dell Computer and Amazon by Web


The Nature and Importance of Marketing Channels


How Channel Members Add Value


-          By Information

-          By Promotion

-          By Contact

-          By Matching

-          By Negotiation

-          By Physical Distribution

-          By Financing

-          By Risk Taking


Number of Channel Levels


-          Direct Marketing Channel – No intermediary level (e.g. Avon and Amway)

-          Indirect Marketing Channel – With intermediaries


Channel Behavior and Organization


 Channel Behavior


-          Channel Conflict – by Horizontal and Vertical Channel Conflict


Vertical Marketing Systems


-        Corporate Marketing System – integrate successive stages of production and distribution under single ownership (e.g. G2000 and Giordano)


-        Contractual Marketing System – in which a channel member, called a franchiser, links several stages in the production-distribution process (e.g. Franchising Organization e.g. Coca Cola and McDonalds and Burger King)


-        Administrated Marketing System – leadership is assumed not through common ownership or contractual ties but through the size and power of one or a few dominant channel members (e.g. Wellcome Supermarket or P&G)


Horizontal Marketing Systems


-        in which two or more companies at one level join together to follow a new marketing opportunity (e.g. Bank of China in Hong Kong)


Multi-Channel Distribution Systems


-         in which a single firm sets up two or more marketing channels to reach one or more customer segments (e.g Bank – ATM, Online website, Telephone and retail outlets, IKEA Online/Off line Catalogue, retail outlets and Sales forces)


Changing Channel Organization


-        Disintermediation – the replacement of traditional resellers from a marketing channel by radical new types of intermediaries (e.g. Dell Computer)


Channel Design Decisions


Analyzing Consumer Needs (e.g. discount retailing, FedEx and perishable products)


Setting Channel Objectives


Identifying Major Alternatives


-          Intensive Distribution – stocking the product as may as outlets as possible (e.g. FMCG)

-          Exclusive Distribution (1 only)– giving a limited number of dealers the exclusive rights to distribute the companys product in their territories

-          Selective Distribution (more than 1) – the use of more than one, but fewer than all, of the intermediaries who are willing to carry the companies; products (e.g. electrical appliances or luxury products)


Evaluating the Major Alternatives

 -          Economic Criteria

-          Control Criteria

-          Adaptive Criteria


Designing International Distribution Channels

 -     Evaluation over China and Japan Markets Vs Western World


Channel Management Decisions


 Selecting Channel Members


Managing and Motivating Channel Members


-          Partnership Relationship Management

-          e.g. Amazon (e.g. Associate Alliance) or GE (e.g. Customer Net)

-          CRM System by most companies


Evaluating Channel Members


-          By sales quotes

-          By average inventory level

-          By Customer delivery time

-          By treatment of damaged and lost goods

-          Cooperation in company promotion and training program

-          Services to Customers


Public Policy and Distribution Decisions


Exclusive Dealing – e.g. exclusive territorial agreement


Marketing Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Nature and Importance of Marketing Logistics


-          Outbound Logistics (e.g. moving products from the factory to resellers and ultimately to customers)

-          Inbound Logistics (e.g. moving products and materials from suppliers to factory)

-          Reverse Logistics (e.g moving broken, unwanted or excess products returned by customers or resellers)


Goals of the Logistics System


-          can both maximize customer service and minimize distribution costs


Major Logistics Functions


-          Warehousing (e.g. Distribution from supermarket)

-          Inventory Management (e.g Just-in-time Management)

-          Transportation (e.g. modes of transportation – road, railways, air and sea transport)


Integrated Logistics Management


-          Cross Functional Teamwork Inside the Company (e.g. across different functions within the organization)

-          Building Logistics Partnership (e.g Wal-Mart)

-          Third Party Logistics – an independent logistics partner that perform any or all of the functions required to get its clients’ product to market




Types of Retailers

Retailer Marketing Decisions

The Future of Retailing




Types of Wholesalers

Wholesaler Marketing Decisions

Trends in Wholesaling

Chapter 4 -

Service Response Logistics

Equipment-Based and People-Based Services


(A) Related Companies -


- Equipment and People Basis

  (A) Ocean Park

  (B) DisneyLand

  (C) Peninsula Hotel

  (D) Cathay Pacific Airway

  (E) Cafe De Coral Restuarant

  (F)  Hair Cut - Salon (Esprit Salon)

  (G) Margaret Hospital

  (H) Singing Concert for Singer

  (I)  HK Bank


Integrated Logistics from a Service Perspective


Refer to the Table and Diagram of the Textbook - Product Service Map



Service Response Logistics Model


Step 1 - Establish Discussion with the Customers


Step 2 - Determine what the Customer Really Needs


Step 3 - Determine if the Firm Can Deliver Customer Needs


Step 4 - Commit to the Customer


Step 5 - Evaluate the Customer's Response


Step 6 - Schedule the Customer's Service Delivery


Step 7 - Inform Delivery Partners Concerning the Schedule


Step 8 - Monitor the Service Delivery Process


Step 9 - Counsel Partners


Primary Service Response Logistics Activities


- Waiting Time


(Relationship between Waiting Time, Satisfaction Levels and Cost)


- Service Capacity


Problems  involving time , labour, equipment and facilities


(Excess Capacity During the off Period)


- Service Delivery involves convenience, flexibility, personable interaction and reliability.





(A) By Autmoation with Service Consistency (Ratio between Equipment and People) - Change the Operations Procedures


(1) ATM, Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines and e-banking

(2) Vending Machines

(3) RFID by Supermarket - Reduction of Manpower Required

(4) Remote Diagnostic Service Delivery for Patients


(B) By Better Scheduling


Service Response Logistics Function


Functions of SRL Intermediaties


SRL Strategic Implications




Chapter (5-8)

Websites (Examples for Marketing Concepts)


Location Decisions

- Network Configuration

- Wellcome Store Locations

Chapter 6

Production Decisions

process batch and transfer batch process

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Eliyahu M. Goldratt (theory of Contraints in organization)

What is kanban ?

JIT - Kanban System (Vikipedia)




Chapter 7 - Invetnory Management

Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)


Economic Order Quantity


DuPont Model / DuPont ROI Model


Z-Score Calculator and Probability Calculator under Normal Distribution


Reorder Qty with Pre-set Service Level


R = m + Z* Standard Deviation of Demand



m = mean demand over the lead time

Z = safety factor


99.8% = 2.9 (z score)

97.1% = 1.9

84.1% = 1.1



Chapter 8 - Inventory Management



Chapter (9-16)

Websites (Examples for Marketing Concepts)

Chapter 9 - Warehouse Management  

Racks in Warehouse (Gravity Flow)


Maxipacker Pallet Shuttle System (You Tube)


APC Pallet Live Storage System

(You Tube)


Push-back Rack

(You Tube)


Moving Pallet Rack

(You Tube)


Machines to make 4-way pallets

(You Tube)


Machines to make special pallets, boxes and crates

(You Tube)


Pallet test

(You Tube)


Warehouse Management by Talkman (Vocollect Various Applications)


Canton live storage System from BITO (You Tube)


Impinj RFID Gen 2 for the Distribution Center


Chapter 10 -

Material Handling and Packaging

Counterbalnaced Walkie


Bridge Crane


Horizontal and Vertical Carousels


Conveyor System


Material Handling Equipment (1)


Material Handling - by Robot


Packaging Procedure


Hyundai Material Handling (You Tube)


Material Handling System (You Tube)


Conveyors /Shakers for Material Handling (You Tube)


Conveyors /Shakers/Magnets for Material Handling (You Tube)


Chain Conveyors (You Tube)


Conveyor Belt Sushi (You Tube)


Ace Conveyors - The rise of the Robots

(You Tube)


End Pusher (You Tube)


AutoSat (You Tube)






Chapter 11 -

Domestic Transportation

"Milk Runs" - A routine trip involving stops at many places.
"Delivery Windows"
A delivery window is a period of time in which delivery is desired. Deliveries. before the delivery window period begins are forbidden
Suppliers must provide with advanced estimates as to specific delivery dates and unit delivery volumes within the set delivery windows.

The aim is to reduce delivery windows to improve new season performance and allow for an increase of in-season repeat ordering to drive greater sales volumes out of best selling lines.

Chapter 12 - 



ECR - Efficient Consumer Respnse (HK)(GS1)



Chapter 13 -



Chapater 14 - Supply Chain Relationships and Logistic Service Alliance


TTYY net (a portal for retail grocery partnership)


Alibaba (a Global Platform for partnership)


Chapter 15 -

Information Issues in Integrated Logistics

Electronic Data Interchange - EDI (Wikipedia)


EDI (Fujitsu)


Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP (Wikipedia)




Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


CRM Applications (Siebel and Oracle)


HKC International Holdings Ltd.


RFID - Technology Video

(From Manufacturer to the points of sales)(You Tube)


RFID - RFID changes today's retailing business (You Tube)


Microsoft CRM Business Solutions - Product Demo - Case Study (You Tube)


Microsoft CRM - What can it do for you ?

(You Tube)


Nokia GPS Demo (You Tube)


Unitech EDI System

(1) Why choose Unitech EDI?


Kinetix Systems Ltd - Business Solutions




Chapter 16 - Global Integrated Logistics


Incoterms 2000

Incoterms 2000 (Chart of Responsibility)

Common Trade Terms and Abbreviations (TDC SMEs)

Key Global Trade Documents

Common Import/Export Document (TDC SMEs)

Airway Bill (Wikipedia)

Bill of lading (Wikipedia)

Packing List (Sample) 
Particulars of Packing List

Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit - LC (Wikipedia) 
Sample of LC - Letter of Credit Particulars of LC - Letter of Credit Types of LC - Letter of Credit 


Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) 

Export Management Companies (EMCs) - Directory

Export Trading Comnpaies (ETC)

Customs Brokers

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Airports Council International (ACI)

Types of Container Ships

EC Link (HK Export Credit Insurance Corporation - HKECIC)






Chapter 17 -

Organizing Integrated Logistics


Chapter 18 -Integrated Logistics


Calculator of Break Even Analysis

Break Even Analysis - Calculator

Selling price per unit $200
Variable costs per unit $120
Fixed costs $2,000


Setting operating income equal to zero.

Revenue - Variable costs - Fixed costs = Operating income

( SP per unit x Q ) - ( VC per unit x Q ) - FC = OI

$200Q - $120Q -$2,000 = $0

$80Q = $2,000

Q = $2,000 / $80 = 25 units

If you sell 25 units, you will break even. This breakeven point is expressed in units.

It can also be expressed in revenue dollars: 25units x $200 = $5,000


The contribution margin approach smiply uses the concept of the contribution margin to rework the equation method.

*Contribution margin per unit ( Selling price per unit - Variable cost per unit )

Q = FC / CM per unit

Q = $2,000 / $200 -$120

Q = 25 unit


Chapter 19 -

Future Challenge and Critical Issues in Supply Chain




         (1) Talks on Web (Source: HKPC)


Academic Year (06-07)


Useful Links About Logistics




Government Websites


Hong Kong Logistics Development Council(香港物流發展) 營商網 (物流)


Marine Depart (海事處)


Non-Profit Relevant Organization


TDC (Logistics and Transport)


ˇ         Shipping News : Online Shipping Magazine

ˇ         Shipping Gazette: Shipping Schedule, Cargo Tracking, Textile Quota Status

ˇ         KCRC Freight Services: Rail Freight Transportation, Intermodal Services, Cargo Handling, Container Trucking and Storage, Warehousing, Cargo Transshipments, Distribution and Consolidation, Barge Handling, Computerised Wagon Tracking Services

ˇ         HongkongPost Logistics : Goods Delivery & Collection, Warehousing, Inventory Management

ˇ         HK Port Information : Port Operation Procedure, Port State Control Detention Lists 

ˇ         HK Logistics Awards : TDC Logistics Awards


Logistics News (from PolyU) 物流快訊 (理工大學)

Logistics Management Research Centre (HKBU) (物流管理研究中心 浸會大學))

物流貨運業訓練委員會網址 (Welcome to the Homepage of the Transport Logistics Training Board)



Hong Kong Logistics Association



International Air Transport Association (HK) - IATA


Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and logitics Association



Hong Kong Shipper’s Council (香港付貨人委員會)


Taiwan Association of Logistics Management





Hai Shan Cargo Transport Co. Ltd.(海山貨運有限公司)



International Products Marketing Services Ltd. (國際商業市場服務)


Sun Hing Total Logistics (新興綜合物流)


Streamline Logistics Worldwide Ltd (暢運物流國際有限公司)



Hong Kong Airport



Hong Kong Airport Core Development Programme (香港機場核心計劃)


Hong Kong International Airport  - Official website (香港國際機場)


Hong Kong International Airport (香港國際機場)




適用於香港特區的民航國際公約 Aviation



Hong Kong Logistics Development



Publication – Logistics Development (HK Logistics Council)

刊物 物流業發展 (香港物流發展局)


Hong Kong Road Transport 香港陸路運輸


Transport Department (運輸處)


Transport Department (運輸處)

Annual Transport Digest 2004 (運輸資料2004年報)


Transport Department (運輸處)

Free Publication (免費刊物)

公共交通 / 汽車

l          新巴

l          城巴

l          九巴

l          地下鐵(MTR)

l          九廣鐵路(KCRC)

l          新渡輪


Publication  - Highways Department (刊物 - 路 政 署)




Publication – Planning Department (刊物 – 規劃署)

新跨界通道可行性研究 (第一階段:交通需求)

新跨界通道可行性研究 (第二階段: 有關環境、生態、土地用途規劃、土地徵用、經濟/財務可行性及初步工程可行性/初步設計的研究)


TCU – Annual Report (交通諮詢委員會–年報)


香港運輸 (2003 Annual Report)


香港道路 (HK Place)



Hong Kong Air Cargo 香港空運


HATCL (香港空運貨站有限公司)


Cathay Pacific Air Cargo Transport(國泰貨運),,111008,00.html


Dragon Air Cargo Transport(港龍貨運)


AAT (Asia Airfreight Terminal) (亞洲空運中心)


Map of Hong Kong International Airport 機場主要設施(機場地圖)


Aircraft (Cathay Pacific)貨機裝箱規格(國泰),,111149,00.html


ULDUnit Load Device(Cathay Pacific)貨機集裝器(國泰),,111150,00.html


空運危險品 (民航處)


Hong Kong Port & Terminal Services


Hong Kong Port Development Council ( ) (新聞資訊)


Hong Kong Port and Maritime Board 香港港口及航運局


HIT (香港國際貨櫃馬頭)


Hong Kong River Terminal Ltd (香港內河服務)


香港的港口寫真集 (海事處)


Warehouse / Godown


Quei Chong Godown (葵中貨倉有限公司)




Containerization 貨櫃


一路通有限公司One Port Limited


Singamas Containers Holding Ltd. (勝獅貨櫃) – 貨櫃製造商



ATL Logistics Center Hong Kong Ltd. (香港亞洲貨櫃物流中心有限公司)


CSX World Terminals HK ltd (環球貨櫃碼頭香港有限公司)


l          貨櫃碼頭服務(環球貨櫃碼頭香港有限公司)


NWS Holdings Ltd (新創建集團有限公司)







Cosco (中遠貨櫃代理有限公司)











Operations and

Computerization of Container Terminal

貨櫃碼頭營運特色 貨櫃碼頭之應用科技



香港貨櫃碼頭商會有限公司 (English Version only)


Modern Terminals (現 代 貨 箱 碼 頭 有 限 公 司)


HIT (香港國際貨櫃碼頭)


ModernPorts.Com (貨櫃碼頭之應用科技 from Modern Terminals現 代 貨 箱碼 頭 有 限 公 司)


QiHong – a Logistics Software Provider (广州启宏计算机科技有限公司)


The Hong Kong Shippers’Council (香港付貨人委員會)

(1) Shipping Charges (航運收費資料)

(2) Statistics (最新全港貨運統計)

(3) CEPA Arrangement (CEPA 安排)

(4) Industrial Regulations (業界規條)





中流作業 (海事處)


香港中流作業區 (Hong Kong Port Development Council 香港港口及航運局)


Hong Kong Port and Maritime Board 香港港口及航運局


Yi Tong Shipping Group 億通航運集團 (中流作業)





Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta

珠江三角洲 長江三角洲

珠江三角洲 (Pearl River Delta)

長江三角洲 (Yangtze River Delta)




CityU New Center (Logistics) (城大新聞網)

(English Version)

(Chinese Version)


Logistic Companies


東方海外(國際)有限公司 (Orient Overseas (International) Ltd.)


中海發展 (China Shipping)




Maersk Logistics (馬士基物流)


Li & Fung Co. Ltd. (利豊集團)


Federal Express (聯邦快遞)




COSCO (中遠香港集團)




On Time Logistics Ltd. (安捷物流有限公司)


Asia Logistics Technologies (亞洲物流科技)

Apex Logistics (集運有限公司)


CSX World Terminals HKLtd (環球貨運碼頭有限公司)