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Useful Links for Business Management
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Business Management  - Still under Construction 




Assessment Methods


(In accordance with Course Outline)


Lecture Outline





Chapters Required



Topic 1   - Introduction to the Study of Management

Chapter 1 –



Topic 2   - Managing in a Contemporary World

Chapter 2 –

2, 3

Topic 3 - Planning  

Chapter 3 –


Topic 4 - Decision Making   

Chapter 4 –


Topic 5 - Foundation of Organizing   

Chapter 5 –


Topic 6  - Human Resources Management

Chapter 6 –  


Topic 7  - Managing Change 

Chapter 7 –


Topic 8  - Motivation 

Chapter 10 –


Topic 8  - Leadership  

Chapter 11 –


Topic 10 - Communication in Management  

Chapter 12 –


Topic 11 - Control  

Chapter 13 –








Stephen P. Robbins & David A. DeCenzo, "Fundamentals of Management", Latest Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall


(To be confirmed during the class)



Useful Link: Google Toolbar (文字翻譯器: 將英文網頁翻譯成繁體中文)



Websites (Examples for Business Management)

1 Introduction to the Study of Management

What is Organization?

Effectiveness Versus Efficiency

Henry Mintzberg's  Ten Roles

People and Organization (by tutor2u)

List of Management Topics (by Centipedia)

List of Management Topics (by NetMBA)

Case Studies:
Trump (By Donald Trump)
Aprrentice (on Yahoo)
Trump Ice (Bottled Water)
Meaning of "Naysayer"
"Thinking outside the Box"


2 –Managing in a Comtemporary World

Contemporary Management Practices


The development of Management Theories


(A) The Pre-Modern Era


- Adam Smith (Division of Labour)

- Industrial Revolution in Britain


(B) Classical Contributions


- Classical Approach to Management

- Frederick Taylor (Scientific Management)

- Therbligs (by Gilbreths)

- Gnatt Chart (by Henry Gnatt for Scheduling)

General Administrative Theorists (by Henri Fayol and Max Weber) -

- Esprit de corps


(C) Human Resources Approach


- Robert Owen (A Utopian Socialist)

- Hugo Munsterberg (Industrial Psychology)

- Mary Parker Follet (Group Vs Individualism)

Chester Barnard (Social relationship)

- Elton Mayo  (Hawthorne Effect) - Group Standards, Sentiments and Security

- Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People)

- Abraham Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs)

- Douglas McGregor (Theory X and Y)


(D) The Quantitative Approach - Operations Research (OR) - Solutions to Military Problems after the WWII


- Robert McNamara & - Charles Tex Thornton (Ford Motor Company by quantitative methods)


(D) Process Approach


- The Process Approach (By Harold Koontz)


(E) Systems Approach


- Systems Approach to Managment

(Open Vs Closed System)


(F) Contingency Approach


- Contingency Approach to Management


Experiment : Elton Mayo (Hawthorne Studies)



Topic  (5-8)

Websites (Examples for Business Management)

5 –  Foundation of Organizing

Under Construction

6 –  Human Resources Management



7. - Managing Change

 Under Construction

8. - Motivation


Topic (9-16)

Websites (Examples for Business Management)

9. - Leadership

Under Construction

10. - Communication in Management


11. - Control

 Under Construction