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Elementary Marketing




Assessment Methods


Continuous Assessment       (40%):

Participation           5%

Assignment           15% (Tentative Mid Nov - Group Project)

Test                       20% (Tentative Early Nov) 


Final Examination                   (60%)


Lecture Outline





Chapters Required



Topic 1   Marketing in a Changing World


Chapter 1 – Managing Profitable Customer Relationship

Chapter 2 – Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationship


Topic 2   The Marketing Environment


Chapter 3 – Marketing Environment


Topic 3   Consumer & Organizational Buying Behavior


Chapter 5 – Customer and Business Buying Behavior


Topic 4   Market Segmentation,

Targeting and Positioning for Competitive



Chapter 6 – Segmentation,

Targeting and Positioning:

Building the Right

Relationship with the Right



Topic 5   Market Research & Information System


Chapter 4 – Managing Marketing Information


Topic 6   Product Concepts


Chapter 7 – Product, Services and Branding Strategy



Topic 7   Developing and Managing Products


Chapter 8 – New Product Development and Product Life Cycle Strategies


Test Week




Topic 8   Pricing Strategy


Chapter 9 – Pricing Considerations and Strategies


Topic 9   Distribution Strategy


Chapter 10 – Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 11 – Retailing and Wholesaling


Topic 10  Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy


Chapter 12 – IMC: Advertising, Sales Promotion and Public Relations

Chapter 13 – IMC: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing


Topic 11  Promotional Mix


-- Ditto ---


Topic 12  Marketing Management Process


Chapter 14 – Marketing in the Digital Age


Topic 13  Global Marketing


Chapter 15 – The Global Marketplace








Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong, Marketing: An Introduction, Pearson, Prentice-Hall, 7th Edition, International Edition.


Useful Link: Google Toolbar (文字翻譯器: 將英文網頁翻譯成繁體中文)


Chapter (1- 4)

Websites (Examples for Marketing Concepts)

 1 Marketing: Managing Profitable Customer Relationship

  1. Customer Value
  2. Marketing Concept (Old Vs New)
  3. (Customer Relationship)
  4. HK Bank Personal Financial Services (Customer Relationship)
  5. Consumer Equity (Customer - an Asset towards Company)
  6. Maslow's Theory of Needs
  7. P&G HK (Product)
  8. 社 Hong Thai Travel Services Ltd (Services)
  9. (Information)
  10. 7-Eleven HK (Marketing Myopia)
  11. Fairwood (Value and Satisfaction)
  12. eBay香港 (Market - Exchange and Transaction)
  13. Lee Kum Kee - (as a Company {Marketer} in a Modern Marketing System)
  14. U2 Fashion (Segmentation and Target Marketing)
  15. Saving Deposit - HK (Demand Management and Demarketing)
  16. Nokia Hong Kong (Value Proposition)
  17. Marketing Concept (Old Vs New)
  18. Walt Disney HK (Societal Marketing Concept)
  19. HK Jockey Club - Charity (Societal Marketing Concept)
  20. SaSa.Com (a Discussion of Marketing Mix)
  21. FedEx (Customer Relationship Management - Customer Perceived Value)
  22. Haomama – Lam Soon (Customer Relationship Mgt)
  23. FedEx (Basic Relationship Vs Full Partnership)
  24. (Partner Relationship Marketing - Inside)
  25. WalMart, ParK'N Shop and L&Fung (Partner Relationship Marketing - Outside)
  26. Personal Banking Services - HK Bank (Customer Lifetime Value)
  27. Services of HK Baptist Hospital (Customer Lifetime Value)
  28. Services of Sanatorium & Hospital (Customer Lifetime Value)
  29. Consumer Equity (Customer - an Asset towards Company)
  30. Services of HK Baptist Hospital (A Discussion of Customer Relationship Groups)
  31. ("Click and Mortar" Company)
  32. E-bayPayPal ("Click" Company)
  33. Li&Fung (B2B Company)
  34. McDonald's (Globalization + Ethics /Social Responsibility + Marketing Relationship)

2 Company and Marketing Strategy :Partnership to Build Customer Relationship

  1. Pricerite (Steps in Strategic Planning)
  2. P&G HK Ltd (Strategic Business Unit - SBU)
  3. WalMart - Always Low Prices (Mission of the Company)
  4. Panasonic Hong Kong (A Discussion on Portfolio Analysis and BCG Model)
  5. Starbucks Worldwide (A Discussion over Product/Market Expansion Grid)
  6. Li&Fung Ltd (Value Delivery Network - Value Chain, Distributors, Suppliers and Customers)
  7. Sau Sang Tong (A Discussion on Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and Marketing Positioning) 
  8. Delifrance (A Discussion on Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and Marketing Positioning)
  9. KFC (A Discussion on Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and Market Positioning)


 3 The Marketing Environment

Know Your Market (

Start Your Business (

Invest in Hong Kong

Diagram for Marketing Environment


A.         Microenviroment


1.          The Company - Mission, Objectives, Broad Strategies and Policies


o        Top Management

o        Finance, Research & Development (R&D)

o        Purchasing, Operations

o        Accounting


McDonald's (Fast Food)

    Lam Soon Group (FMCG)

    IKEA HK (Furniture)

(A Discussion over the Actors in the Environment)


2.            Suppliers


o        Value Delivery System
(Li&Fung Trading Ltd) - Global Trader
 (Park'N Shop)
 (7-Eleven) - Convenience Store



3.            Marketing Intermediaries


Getz Brothers & Co (HK) Ltd

         Physical Distribution Firm

 Li&Fung Trading Ltd - Trading    Company

Kerry Logistics - Physical Logistics Solutions 

(Park'N Shop) - Supermarket 

(7-Eleven) - Convenience Store


         Marketing Services Agencies

AC Nielsen HK - Research Hse
Dun & BradStreet HK - Research Hse
HK 4A's - Advertising Agencies
TVB Advertiser's Sites


         Financial Intermediaries

BOC - Corporate Banking Services


4.          Customers


n          Consumer Markets  - St Honore Cake Shop

n          Business Markets - IBM

n          Reseller Markets -   Li&Fung

n          International Markets - Coke


5.   Competitors


Direct Competitors (Coke Vs Pepsi Coke)Indirect Competitors (Coke Vs Watsons Water


6.          Publics


Financial Publics


Finance Your Business

BOC HK - Corporate Business

HKEx - Stock

Morgan Stanley - Investment House


         Media Publics


TV - TVB and ATV

Newspaper - Apple Daily

Magazines - ATNEXT

Super Size Me - Impact on Fast Food Business

Disney - The Mouse Betrayed

(Discussion over Impact on

Walt Disney)


         Government Publics


Intellectual Property Department

Business License

Inland Revenue Department

Fire Services Department

Consumer Council

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Related Government Departments


         Citizen-action Publics


Green Power HK


         Local Publics


DSS School in Hong Kong - Community Relationships


         General Publics


         Internal Publics


B.         Macroenviroment

PEST Analysis VS SWOT Analysis


1.         Demographic Forces


Size, Density, Location, Age, Gender, Race, Occupation and Other Statistics


Population (Census and Statistics)


2.         Economic Forces


Change in Income
Change in Consumer Spending Patterns


Economics Situtation (Census & Stat)


3.         Natural Forces


Shortage of raw materials
Increased pollution
Increased Government Intervention


Electrical Power - CLP Group

Oil Supply - Caltex

Water Suplies Department

Land - MidLand Group


4.         Technological Forces


HK Sci & Tech Parks Corporation

HK Productivity Council

HK CyberPort


EPC Global HK - RFID   


5.         Political Forces


Increasing Legislation

Changing Government Agency Enforcement

Emphasis on Ethics and Socially Responsible Actions


Labour Department

Equal Opportunities Commission Environmental Protection Department


6.          Cultural Forces


Persistence of Cultural Values

Shifts in Secondary Cultural Values


General Holiday for HK 2005


MidAutumn Festival

Lunar Chinese New Year



Valentine's Day


World Fact Book - Hong Kong


Hong Kong in Figures


HK Year Book


4 Managing Marketing Information


1.          Assessing Marketing Information Needs


n          An Review over Information Available or Required from the Marketing Environment – Microenvironment and Macroenvironment with the use of Marketing Information System (MIS) – (e.g. MarketPilot MIS System)


n          Microenvironment


u        The Company – Sales Record, Accounting Report  (e.g. Annual Report of McDonald’s) and etc

u        Suppliers – Delivery Report, RFID and ERP System

u        Marketing Intermediaries – Attitude Report and Advertising Awareness Report from Advertising Agencies (e.g. 4As)

u        Customers – by Consumer Survey (e.g AC Nielsen) – e.g. Taste Test for Food Industries

u        Competitors – by Competitor Analysis and Observation (e.g Dun & Bradstreet, Double Click)


n           Macroenvironment


u        Demographic Environment – from the Census and Statistics Dept

u        Economic Environment – From the Census and Statistic Dept, Hong Kong Year Report and Financial institutions (e.g. Standard & Poor’s) and Statistic Information about HK

u        Natural Environment – Oil Price Fluctuation (e.g. Oil Price from

u        Technological Environment – Related News

u        Political Environment – Related News

u        Cultural Environment – Related News


A Discussion over the Information Needs (MIS) and its limitations for

l          Park’N Shop

l          Proctor & Gamble Products

l          Johnson & Johnson

l          Dell Computer


2.          Developing Marketing Information


n          Internal Data – for Company, Suppliers and Marketing Intermediaries

n          Marketing Intelligence – for Competitors and Macroenviroment (e.g. Spy Strategies {Dumpster Diving} – Unilever Vs P&G Case), Competitors’ Annual Report for Listed Companies, Trade Show Exhibits (e.g HKCEC), Business Publications (e.g. HKTDC Industry Report), Press Release, Advertisement and WebPages

n          Marketing Research – for Consumer and Competitors

u        (1) Developing the Research Plan

u        (2) Gathering Secondary Data

u        (3) Primary Data Collection


l          Research Approaches

n          Observational Approaches (e.g. Traffic Flow at Shopping Centre)

n          Survey Research (e.g. Survey on knowledge, attitudes, preference and buying behaviors.)

n          Single Source Date Systems (e.g. tracking information on Control Situation)

n          Experimental Research (e.g. Pilot Shop with Price Cut – Cause-and-Effect Relationships)


l          Contact Methods


n          By Mail

n          By Telephone Interviewing

n          By Personal – Individual or Focus Group

n          By Online


l          Sampling Plan


n          Probability Sampling

u        Simple Random Sampling

u        Stratified Random Sample

u        Cluster Sample

n          Non-Probability Sampling

u        Convenience Sampling

u        Judgment Sample

u        Quota Sampling


l          Research Instruments


n          Questionnaires –

u        Closed Ended and Open-Ended Qs

u        Wording of the Questions

n          Mechanical Instruments

u        Customer Responses – Supermarket Scanner or People Meter


u        Implementing the Research Plan – Collecting, Processing and analyzing the information.

u        Interpreting and Reporting the Findings 


3.          Analyzing Marketing Information


To capture customer information at every touch points By Customer Relationship Management (CRM – from Siebel):

n          Customer Purchases

n          Sales Forces Contacts

n          Service and Support calls

n          Website Visits

n          Satisfaction Survey

n          Credit and Payment Interactions

n          Market Research Studies


To create data warehouses for data mining (e.g., FedEx CRM System)

e.g. (QR Code and its generator for Card membership)


4.          Distributing and Using Marketing Information


By Intranet (knowledge Sharing) e.g. (Software by Intranet.Com)


5.          Other Marketing Considerations


l          Market Research in Small Business and Non-Profit Organization

n          By Observation

n          By Informal Survey using Convenience Samples

n          By Simple Experiments

n          By Secondary Data


l          International Marketing Research

n          Related Difficulties -

u        Cultural Differences

u        Translation of Questionnaires

u        Differences in Attitude Across Borders


l          Public Policy and Ethics in Marketing Research

n          Intrusion on Consumer Privacy (e.g. Double Click, Gmail and Google Toolbar and Desktop Search)

n          Misuse of Research Findings (PCO)




Critical Case of Taste Test for Coca Cola


Diet Coke Vs Original Coke (An example of Taste Test)


Concepts for Marketing Research

(Source: Marketing Teacher)



Introduction to Marketing Research

Primary Marketing Research

Secondary Marketing Research


Information about Concept on Marketing Research


Research House: AC Nielsen

A.C.Nielsen Corporation

A.C.Nielsen Corporation (HK) – Site Map (Overview of A.C.Nielsen Services)


Synovate - Global Marketing Research Company


Software for Research Analysis


SASSoftware and Solutions (for Data Integration and Analysis)


Source of External Data


Primary Data by Research

Survey Method


Secondary Data by External Search


Official Sources

Census and Statistics Department

Trade Development Council

Hong Kong Yearbook

HK Government Publications

HK Fact Sheet

Hong Kong Headline News (Business and Finance) (from


Commercial Sources


D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) Hong Kong
Double Click

America Chamber of Commerce (America Market)

Competitors’ Annual Reports – Coke and Pepsico

UMI ProQuest

Dow Jones

Thomas Dialog

Local Financial News – Yahoo! Finance HK



Internal Data


Software Package for Tracking Internal Data

Microsoft CRM Demo

Siebel CRM Services for Customer Relationship Mgt

SAP ERP for Enterprise Resources Mgt

OracleData Warehouse and Data Mining for


Internal Database Management: IBM DB2 Everywhere




Mechanical Devices


People Meter